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  • Support AI jobs and economic growth

    The AI Association's advocacy resource, AI Action, is here to help the American people have access to innovations designed to improve our lives.


    From providing doctors with the most advanced tools for treating your loved ones, to supporting your community through improving services in partnership with industry, AI Action is designed to keep you informed on the AI issues which matter most. We're the vehicle for ensuring your voice is heard by legislators.

  • American Jobs

    The United States is the world's innovation leader in Artificial Intelligence and Automation. We must seize the career opportunities that the AI and Automation sector can provide to a diverse American labor force with the potential to break the cycle of generational poverty.

    Economic growth

    AI and Automation technologies drive value across every sector, enhancing the existing workforce to create new products and services. Enabling US industry to deploy AI at scale will benefit workers in every business function. These new tools will take human potential further than every before as it opens the door to the possibilities of tomorrow.

    Education for Innovation

    Continued investment into STEM at the grassroots level across the country will help nurture future leaders. These are America's greatest assets for ensuring a prosperous and secure future. The development of new courses for AI and Automation across all levels of education, in every state, will help ensure America remains the leader in the most important technologies of the future.

  • We Need Your Help


    Support access to AI resources

    In order for innovators to create the solutions that will improve the lives of every America, access to data is needed for the improvement of AI technologies. Without access to appropriate data sets the American Economy will struggle to compete with competitors like China.


    Government to embrace trustworthy AI

    We advocate for the support and implementation of trustworthy AI for government services and missions to increase the efficiency of government services and reduces taxes for the benefit of both the American worker and the economy.


    American economic growth

    Historically the US has been a global leader in Artificial Intelligence. However increased investment from a number of global superpowers is set to challenge America's dominant position. To ensure the United States remains a global leader, AI companies must be allowed to thrive without excessive regulation.


    AI enables healthcare

    AI imaging, robotics, and diagnostic tools have the potential to solve our greatest health challenges, without taking more money from the American taxpayer. By reducing regulatory burdens and enabling the deployment of these technologies, Americans will have access to a higher quality of healthcare.


    Support access to AI jobs

    The economy of today needs AI professionals to thrive. The growth of these technologies requires an increase in access to AI education and training. To grow American jobs and compete in the global economy, increased investment in STEM programs is required to support the American workers of today.


    Improve Infrastructure

    In order for all Americans to have access to these incredible technologies, the Energy and Telecommunications industry need access to these technologies. We advocate for federal policies and regulatory action that streamlines access and reduces regulatory barriers for 5G, wireless, and other communications infrastructure.

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