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  • Taking our infrastructure into the future

    By accelerating the research, development, delivery, and adoption of AI across the value chain, the Energy sector will realize tremendous benefits through intelligent infrastructure and better data analysis.


    AI and Energy are becoming increasingly interconnected as computing power, data collection, and storage capabilities scale exponentially. Although AI is in its early stages, it is poised to revolutionize the way we produce, transmit, and consume energy. AI is also limiting the industry's environmental impact at a time when demand is steadily growing, our energy production is diversifying, and we are witnessing the ramifications of fossil fuel consumption on biodiversity, air quality, and quality of life.

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    Oil & Gas

    By automating processes, AI can uncover deep operational insights, such as exploration, and more accurate well-drilling analytics.


    AI and digital technologies are poised to transform the oil & gas industry, unlocking new insights and breathing new life into old processes.

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    AI technologies can achieve greater resources efficiency which at scale, can deliver a more secure, reliable, and sustainable energy infrastructure.


    The use of smart-grids that leverage sensory data to monitor conditions, can provide grid operators with a better grasp of uncertainties such as extreme weather and equipment failures.

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    Renewable Energy

    The current grid was not designed to accommodate the diversity of renewable energy sources and the inherent variability of solar and wind.


    AI can help mitigate this challenge by improving centralized control centers, allowing new capabilities for integrating microgrids, driving new smarter consumer devices, and optimize techniques for distributing power.

  • How the Energy Industry is using AI



    As storage capacity increases and new technologies emerge, artificial intelligence is helping make usage more efficient



    With grids now gathering energy from different sources, including wind, solar, and electricity, AI can analyze datasets for stability and resource efficiency.



    Using AI to observe equipment and detect failures before they happen can save money, time, and lives.



    Leveraging AI tool for advanced exploration and precision drilling, Oil & Gas companies can allocate resources more effectively.



    By monitoring the energy consumption behaviour of individuals and businesses, artificial intelligence companies can offer solutions to optimize usage.



    AI systems can provide greater security to our nations energy infrastructure through Machine Learning and risk detection.

  • Developing the Future

    The strategic application of AI and smart, connected technologies can already enable more efficient refineries and optimize E&P campaigns, strengthening the bottom line of oil and gas companies across the industry's value chain.


    AI technologies can also improve the cybersecurity protections of our critical infrastructure, and support the industry against both internal and external risks. As the industry looks to AI to help drive efficiencies in exploration and the allocation of resources, it should also seek machine learning solutions to help identify anomalies within its data to protect against threats.