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    Federal Positions

  • Federal AI Initiatives

    On February 11, 2019, President Donald J. Trump launched the American Artificial Intelligence Initiative. The following key policies and practices have been emphasized as the core of the national strategy for promoting United States leadership in AI:

    1. Invest in AI research and development
    2. Unleash AI resources 
    3. Remove barriers to AI innovation
    4. Train an AI-ready workforce
    5. Promote an international environment supportive of American AI Innovation
    6. Embrace trustworthy AI for government services and missions
  • Federal Leadership


    Select Committee on AI

    Consists of heads of departments and agencies, principally responsible for the government's AI R&D.


    NSTC Subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Consists of agency AI leaders and administrators. Serves as the operational and implementation arm of the Select Committee


    AI R&D Interagency Working Group

    Operates under the NSTC's NITRD Subcommittee. Consists of program managers and technical experts from across the Federal Government.

  • Federal reports and resources on AI & Automation

    Summary of White House Summit on AI

    Federal Research & Development Budget

    Federal Machine Learning and AI Charter

    Draft Guidance for Regulation on AI

    Executive Order 13859

    American AI Initiative: Annual Report 02-2020